KRION Shell - Sustainable Products For Your Bathroom

With our collection of sustainable Krion Shell washbasins and shower trays, choosing eco-friendly products for your bathroom has never been easier.

Krion Shell is an Engineered Mineral Composite developed in-house by Krion Porcelanosa Group. It's a resistant and ecological material made from 75% minerals. It consists of two parts, a structural inner core made primarily of dolomite minerals with an eco-friendly resin binder. It then has a solid uniform outer surface made of mineral materials (ATH) and resins. At least 5% recycled waste plastic is used in its total composition, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Krion Shell is used in the manufacture of shower trays, washbasins and bathroom worktops. 


The Slope shower tray available at TileStyle contains a quantity of recycled PET equivalent to 380 plastic bottles.



  • Mineral Origin - products are made with 75% natural mineral, minimising the consumption of plastic in the product.
  • Sustainable - the eco resin binder used is largely made from recycled PET.  
  • Heat and shock resistant - high resistance to impact, thermal shock and sudden temperature changes.
  • Stain resistant - its zero porosity gives it excellent resistance to stains.
  • Easy to clean - ease of maintenance reduces the need for excessive cleaning products.
  • Adaptable - easily cut on site to customise for installation.
  • Anti-bacterial - zero porosity helps eliminate the spread of bacteria.
  • Repairable - any unlikely damage to the surface is easily repaired with a specific repair kit, prolonging durability and sustainability.
  • Certified - Krion Shell is certified as a safe product. It does not contain dangerous substances in its composition or emit harmful VOCs.

Krion Shell - Element washbasin range

For further details on our collection of Krion Shell washbasins and shower trays contact our Head of Bathrooms, Garrett Keogh call 01-855 5200 or visit our showroom in Ballymount, Exit 10 off M50.



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