Ventilated Façades

TileStyle supplied the Krion ventilated façade for the ground-breaking and award-winning project Waterways House in Dublin by Smith + Kennedy Architects.

A Ventilated Façade is a system for walls in which panels of the appropriate thickness are dry-mounted on the building’s surface using a bracket system. A cavity is formed between the two layers allowing air to circulate naturally, helping to increase the comfort level of the rooms inside the building, reducing heat loss in Winter and assisting with the regulation of temperatures in Summer. It also helps with sound insulation along with savings on maintenance costs. The construction of a facade adds both aesthetic and energy saving value to a building.

In addition to the benefits of a ceramic or stone façade, our KRION® Solid Surface ventilated façade is thermoformable, antibacterial and anti-graffiti, making it an ideal cladding material, in particular for buildings in built up urban areas.

We have the ability to assist you with your design, advise on feasibility and costing and produce working drawings. Each project is studied and researched by a highly technical team and our partners Butech can also provide an installation service if required.

At TileStyle we can supply Ventilated facades in a number of materials – KRION® Solid Surface, Ceramics and Natural Stone.

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