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Privacy Policy

TileStyle (Irl) Limited is committed to protecting your privacy and fulfilling its obligations under EU Data Protection Laws. TileStyle require certain types of Personal Data in order to efficiently and effectively carry out the functions of our business throughout the sales order process. With consumer consent, TileStyle will also use certain types of Personal Data from a marketing and communications perspective in order to inform our customers of promotions, events and new product introductions. TileStyle will make all reasonable and practical efforts, within the GDPR guidelines to correct any inaccuracies in relation to Personal Data. TileStyle will make all reasonable and practical efforts within the GDPR guidelines to delete Personal Data. TileStyle will restrict the use of Personal Data when processing information and will ensure that Personal Data is not supplied to third parties All Personal Data will be secured through Password Protection. Any personal data will not be kept any longer than it is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is processed.

Cookies Policy

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