Arrange or Attend a CPD Organised by TileStyle

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars keep architects, interior designers and other construction professionals up to date with the right skills and core competencies. Here at TileStyle we organise CPD seminars to help professionals develop their industry and product knowledge and skills.

We can organise a FREE CPD for you and your colleagues in the comfort of your own practice or in the TileStyle showroom. All CPDs include a 40 minute presentation with an additional 20 minute Q&A session.

Please see a range of the available CPDs below:

New Generation of Krion Solid Surfaces (RIBA Approved).

This seminar covers a number of key elements, including understanding the solid surface materials and its advantages. Understanding the code for the solid surface and understanding the applications of solid surface.

Specifying Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring.

Fast Track Flooring & Screeding (RIAI & RIBA Approved). Ardex is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive, grout, flooring preparation products and specialist industrial flooring coatings to the Irish flooring and tiling market. This seminar covers mechanical preparation of subfloors, correct installation of sand cement screed, testing and evaluation of in-situ screeds, moisture content and application of subface damp-proof membranes, relevant codes of measure of surface regularity, levelling compounds, repair mortars and design floors in cement.

Problem solving with tiling solutions (RIAI & RIBA Approved) This BAL seminar is to inform and assist in the design process for the successful specification and installation of ceramic and porcelain tiling by avoiding common problems which can occur with a ceramic and porcelain or natural stone finishes. Support including technical advice, site surveys, moisture tests, written specifications and extensive training is available to specifiers.

TOTO is the world’s leading producer of washlet shower toilets.

This CPD seminar will educate attendees on TOTO's smart toilets & electronic bidets concentrating on their hygienic design, rimless technology, comparative design & performance, installation requirements, and more (RIBA Approved).

The seminar from Hewi focuses on promoting accessibility and sanitary products by showcasing how contemporary design can meet the needs of people with disabilities while complying with regulations. It addresses demographic shifts and their influence on design demands and product innovations. Also discussing financial aspects, regulatory requirements, and customised solutions applicable across various sectors. (RIBA Approved)

For further information on our CPDs, please contact our Professional Services team.

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