If you've recently completed a home renovation project, we know you'll want your new tiles and grout to stay looking sparkling as new. Or maybe you've decided your exisiting tiles need a bit of a lift. Either way, our range of Lithofin cleaning products will address almost all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. Read on to discover top tips from our expert team for caring for your tiles and grout.

# Know What Tiles You're Cleaning 

First things first, know the material and surface of your tiles as this will determine the most suitable type of cleaning product. 

  • For Normal Cleaning

Lithofin Easy Care will clean most ceramic, porcelain and stone floors gently, enhancing the tiles. Where the tiles have been sealed in the case of natural stone, Easy Care will enhance the sealant's effectiveness.

Use in the same way you would any floor cleaner. Follow instructions, add suggested amount to a bucket of water and mop!

  • For Specific Stains or Deep Cleaning

Ensure you use the right product for the specific stain/ surface.

Cleaning products work by debonding the stain/ residue from the surface of the tile and suspending this in the liquid so rinsing is important.

Rinse floors thoroughly and ventilate the area when using products.

    # Porcelain and Ceramic tiles - Initial Clean

    The grouting process can leave a residual film on the surface of tiles. This can be treated and removed with an acid cleaner such as Lithofin Cement Residue Remover. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, removes cement and mortar residues, rust, lime and other hardened dirt layers. It's important to rinse the floor thoroughly after use. Fast acting and low on odour. The initial clean can seem like a daunting task, especially on larger floors but done correctly should only need to be done once. Here are some tips from our team:

    • Tackle in small, manageable sections.
    • Apply solution to floor using a deck brush. You don't need to scrub hard, the cleaning solution will work to dissolve the residue.
    • Keep it moving and keep the floor wet. If the solution dries onto the floor the grout residue will stick back to the tile. Do this for about 10 minutes per area.
    • Rinse thoroughly as you go to remove the grout residue. Use clean water and a cloth to rinse rather than a sponge.

      # Existing Porcelain and Ceramic tiles in need of a refresh

      If your existing tiles need a refresh they can be treated with Lithofin Intensive Cleaner. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, removes stubborn dirt on old surfaces and restores original appearance. Perfect for occasional deep cleaning. 

      # Porcelain and Ceramic tiles - Ongoing Maintenance

      In most cases Porcelain floor tiles can be easily maintained by regular sweeping followed by washing with warm water and Lithofin Easy Care which cleans and maintains all in one. It's important to rinse thoroughly with clean water as it's the rinsing process that removes the dirt.

      # Natural Stone and Polished Marble - Intensive Clean

      Natural and artificial stone surfaces with stubborn dirt deposits can be treated with Lithofin Power Clean. An acid free treatment which is also suitable for marble, removes general and engrained dirt. Suitable for regular cleaning in areas of high traffic. Highly effective, low on odour. 

      # Natural Stone and Polished Marble - Ongoing Maintenance

      Natural and artificial stone surfaces can be easily maintained by washing with warm water and Lithofin Easy Care which cleans and maintains all in one. It's important to rinse thoroughly with clean water as it's the rinsing process that removes the dirt.

      # Grout Maintenance

      If your existing grout lines need a little restoration or as part of your initial builders clean, our team recommends Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner. Suitable for walls and floors, restores original colour. Removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms, makes them hygienically clean and fresh. Acts intensely and rapidly.


      For additional protection after initial builder's cleaning Lithofin Grout Protector is a spray sealant which helps maintain grout colour especially lighter coloured grouts.

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