Bathroom Design Tips - Creating the Best Layout
Struggling to find the best layout for your new bathroom?

In our second of 3 blog articles our team of bathroom specialists have once again come together to offer their advice and experience. TileStyle is celebrating 40 years in business so we're confident their combined expertise will help you achieve your dream bathroom!

Our new bathroom displays in our showroom have each been designed by one of our specialists, with you in mind. We asked our team to consider the most common challenges and questions people have when planning a new bathroom. The result is a selection of stunning new displays each addressing different challenges and providing the best solution. Take a look at our new displays below for some inspiration and guidance along with our Top Tips for creating the best layout for your space and needs. 



Decide who will be using the bathroom. Is it a family bathroom? Will a bath          be necessary for younger children? Or would a wet room be better for teenagers who spend forever in the shower! 


If space is tight, consider a walk in shower or convert a small bathroom into a      wet room.


How much storage do you need? Proper storage is key to a clutter free                bathroom. One of the best storage solutions is built-in shelving within your          bath or shower area.


Create a more comfortable ensuite by reconfiguring the existing bathroom          layout. Move partitions between your main bathroom and ensuite. It'll be            worth it!

Our selection of new bathroom displays in our showroom are designed to help you decide what works best for you.

Click on the image below to see how to create a stylish and functional family bathroom


Click on the image below to see how you can successfully replace a bath with a walk in shower 

Good bathroom design starts with planning and layout. For more ideas why not check our first blog with Top Tips from our bathroom team. 


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