Here at TileStyle we have a huge range of large format tiles and supersize slabs on display including "the biggest tiles in the world!"

Not only can these tiles be used on walls and floors, they can also be used in the design of doors, tables, kitchen islands, room separators and so on. They are used a lot in kitchen design for counter-tops & splashbacks instead of granite and other hard or solid surfaces.

Nuba White Polished by Porcelanosa


nuba white polished porcelanosa

Calacatta Green Polished by Porcelanosa


Glem White Polished by Porcelanosa

glem white large format tiles porcelanosa

Calacatta Black Smooth by Florim 120cm x 280cm


Onyx & More Silver Onyx Satin by Florim

Some of these supersize, extra-large format tiles and slabs are an impressive 3.2 metres high and 1.6 metres wide, yet are still only 6 mm thick!

Large-Format-Slab-TilesYou really need to see these tiles in the “porcelain” flesh to be able to experience their magnificent magnitude.

Viola Blue by XTONE of Porcelanosa


Shop the 120cm x 120cm version of this tile here. 

Viola Rossé by XTONE of Porcelanosa


Shop the 120cm x 120cm version of this tile here

Paonazzo Biondo by XTONE of Porcelanosa

paonazzo tiles

Shop the 120cm x 120cm version of this tile here.

 Statuario Glossy by Rex of Florim 120cm x 240cm

Filati Lady Hamilton by Rex of Florim 120cm x 280cm

Filati Lady Hamilton by Rex

Orobico Grey by Italgraniti

Shop the 60cm x 120cm version of this tile here

In TileStyle we have a huge selection of large format tiles and porcelain slabs in many different sizes.


Why Choose Large Format Porcelain Tiles or Giant Slabs?

When customers are asked why they like large format tiles they usually come back with similar answers such as:

  • The WOW Factor – Their dramatic size makes them a talking point of any room.
  • Less Grout Lines: They have less grout lines meaning easier cleaning & maintenance.
  • Space – They add an expansive feeling to a room and give more of a sense of openness and space.

For more information please contact or call 01 855 5200.

*NB: We cannot stress enough the importance of using a professional tiler / installer who knows how to fit these large format tiles accordingly.

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