Green is the new Black

Why choose green? 

Green is the colour of nature and life. It is associated with growth and energy. In addition, it generates a positive atmosphere bringing harmony and balance to any area.
While whites, greys and beiges are still on trend, we have seen a significant increase in the use of green for home renovation projects. If you feel like your space is missing some life, green could be the perfect answer. It complements neutral colours beautifully and brings character to any space.
With multiple styles and finishes, we have plenty of green tiles for you to choose from here at TileStyle.
Bevelled Victorian Green
Without any doubt, the star of this new trend is our Bevelled Victorian Green Metro tiles. The intense emerald colour makes it an obvious choice to achieve a timeless and classic look.
Ingot Bevelled Glass Green Gloss green bevelled metro subway tile
A bottle green backsplash combines perfectly with a wooden worktop or accessories. And if you want to mix it up a bit, try laying your tiles in herringbone format.

3 Lati Aqua Marine Lucido
What about something unique like our 3 Lati tiles? With their triangular shape, these tiles will bring originality and elegance to any area.

Fez Emerald Glossfez emerald gloss tile metro subway
Green is an absolute classic in bathrooms and kitchens. This vibrant glossy wall tile is perfect for those who want a green emerald colour but at the same time are looking for some shade variation.

 Nazari Chauen
If you are still unsure about going green for your next project, what about these stunning tiles that mix green and blue tones? These Nazari Chauen tiles offer the best of both worlds and combine beautifully with brass or black brassware.

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