What to avoid when renovating a kitchen

Since the launch of our stunning Porcelanosa Kitchen Studio last August our busy team of kitchen design experts has grown from one to three.  After a hectic and exciting few months we finally caught up recently to chat about common mistakes people make with kitchen renovations. If you're planning a new kitchen you'll enjoy reading the practical and useful advice below from our team of kitchen experts.

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#1 Set a budget

Know what you have to spend and set a budget. It's important to have an overall understanding of the key elements of your kitchen renovation project and budget for each. You will need to plan for the following three elements, each requiring a separate budget: 

  • Kitchen units
  • Appliances
  • Worktops

 #2 Do your research

Be clear on what elements kitchen suppliers actually provide and the warranties they offer. You will also need to factor in the following auxiliary works:

  • Ripping out & prepping the space
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Tiling

#3 Understand the proportions of your space

Island units are very popular. They're visual and a practical addition to any kitchen but the dimensions of your kitchen space will determine if an island can be incorporated. We recommend a clear working space of 1m between kitchen units and your island unit. The working kitchen settings in our Porcelanosa Kitchen Studio have been designed with this in mind. Each setting will give you a practical understanding of proportion and what's required.

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#4 Plan and design for the future

Your new kitchen should last 20 years so it's important to make it work for you. A common mistake many people make when renovating is feeling the need to fill all available space with storage units. This isn't always necessary and can create a sense of congestion. Our expert team can offer guidance on storage solutions to suit your needs. Also keep in mind the following when designing for the future:

  • Appliance heights
  • Reaching and bending
  • Easy maintenance

 #5 Factor in lead times

Be clear on lead times for the various elements of your project. Manage expectations during the renovation period and decide in advance if it's necessary to vacate during construction. 

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Our expert kitchen team can offer guidance on making the most of your new kitchen space. Walk-ins are always welcome but why not book a consultation with one of our team here


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