Design Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are a real focal point of the home, offering a chance to showcase your favourite style and decor. Sometimes people feel with a small bathroom, you have to compromise the design to allow for more space, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

It can be tricky enough when it comes to choosing the right products when designing a small bathroom so here are some tips from one of our bathroom experts, Susan, on how to achieve a more spacious look without compromising on design.

Large Bright Tiles!

A large format bright tile is ideal for a small bathroom as less grout lines give the illusion of space. Less grout also means it’s also easier to clean, and who doesn’t love that!

Use the same tile throughout the whole bathroom or wet-room to simplify design and create a balanced flow.

Floating & Wall Mounted

Floating vanity units and wall hung toilets give the impression of a larger floor area and are easier to keep clean in a confined space.

Wall mounted heated towel rails are ideal in a small bathroom as they serve a variety of purposes such as heating the bathroom, storing towels and of course the added benefit of warming the towel prior to use.

Wall mounted taps allow for a smaller basin thus creating more freedom of movement within a compact bathroom.

Corner Conscious

Corner basins with a towel rail, corner cabinets and even corner bins free up much welcomed space in a confined bathroom


A storage cabinet above the vanity unit gives valuable extra storage space to minimize clutter in small bathrooms. You can also add dividers to vanity drawers, again in order to alleviate clutter in your small bathroom.

Recessed shelving in a shower creates some much sought after extra storage space and can be a minimal design feature with the addition of an interesting mosaic.

A large mirror over the sink or at the back of the toilet, gives the illusion of space and reflects light throughout the bathroom.

Installing a clear glass, frameless shower door creates a minimal seamless look and is easy to keep clean.

You Can Still Have a Bath!

If you’re adamant about having a bath in your bathroom, then why not opt for a “Tiny Tub!" We have a choice of compact baths designed especially for small bathrooms, ideal for a family with kids (or even pets!) and surprisingly enough, are still a very comfortable bathing experience for adults too.

So, with a bit of clever product choice, along with some creative prowess, there’s no reason why your small bathroom can’t be as functional or as beautiful as any bathroom twice it’s size!

If you require any help with your bathroom please contact Susan Shanager at or call 01 855 5200

*These are guidelines only and as every bathroom is treated individually, please speak with a bathroom expert first about what options are best suited to your project.

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