Raised Access Tiled Flooring System

TileStyle is a supplier of raised access tiled flooring on supports from Butech of Porcelanosa. In any situation where you need a floor that can easily be taken up for inspection purposes, this raised tile installation on supports is an excellent solution.

Raised access flooring is highly recommended in areas with a large number of services or where air conditioning ducts are to be installed. RAF is typically used in offices, libraries, museums, electrical and telephone centres, control rooms, laboratories or data processing centres.

Available in 60X60cm tiled panels that function the same way as a raised access flooring system, where all amenities such as wire & electrical cables under the floor are simply accessed with an “easy-lift” system.

Raised access tiled floors are both aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time and allow quick and easy inspection of wiring, lighting or piping systems that they may conceal through simply lifting the slab.

Exteriors RAF
An exterior RAF is a tile laying system developed by Porcelanosa to cover terraces and flat rooftops. It can be used to cover sloping outdoor substrates, improving their appearance and the insulation and drainage of the terrace or flat rooftop.

For more information about raised access flooring solutions provided by TileStyle please contact our Professional Services team on 01 465 8175 or email professional@tilestyle.ie.