Italian bathware brand EX.t -  Our June brand in focus







Contemporary and truly unique, EX.t bathware is produced in Italy with commitment and passion by artisan manufacturers from Tuscany. 

Each product is the result of quality materials, attention to detail and traditional processes. This is combined with technological innovation to produce stylish and refined products for contemporary bathrooms. 

Renowned for creating unique and unconventional products, EX.t ensures an ongoing innovation process by participating in design collaborations with Italian and international design studios. 

Nouveau basin

EX.t style is original and versatile, the result of continuous experiments and explorations. Their design team take influence from classic, pop, minimalism, art deco and Scandinavian design. The result is a range of contemporary and extraordinary products for those seeking something new and extra special.


Gus basin

Frieze basin 

With flagship stores in Milan and Florence, EX.t is available exclusively in Ireland at TileStyle. Visit our showroom in Ballymount Exit 10 off M50 to see our stunning EX.t bathroom settings above, call us on 01-855 5200 or shop online here


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