Two Top Irish Bathroom Trends for 2019

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Two Top Bathroom Trends 2019

Irish bathroom design is getting really exciting!


Designers and homeowners alike are using their imaginations like never before and opting for bolder, more daring and creative designs for bathrooms in the home.


One of our leading bathroom specialists at TileStyle, Garrett, sees the following trends as two of the most popular this year.


Check them out below…

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Trend #1: The Return of  the “Spa-throom”

The spa-inspired bathroom trend has officially returned and we are seeing more and more designers and homeowners embracing this opulent look for the home.


This time around, it’s all about large dark tiles, warm mood lighting and luxurious little touches to make one feel as though they have entered another realm of indulgence.

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Radiant Rain Showers, Floating Furniture & The Midas Touch

Rain showers are a key design feature for achieving a spa-shower experience and ceiling mounted rain heads (with strong water pressure) are ideal for this.


Floating (wall hung) vanity units with a natural feel or wood finish are perfect to set the tone of a spa environment in the bathroom.


Soft gold or black finishes on taps, shower valves and bathroom accessories are the perfect way to finish the look of a luxury spa.

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Light Up Your Life

To create a spa-like feel in the bathroom, lighting is one of the most important design aspects to get right. Low set lights in the shower induce a sense of luxury and calm and are perfect for creating that feeling.


These two particular styles from TileStyle (Orpheus & Tango) have a sensor so that when you walk into the dark bathroom they automatically illuminate and emit a warm, comforting glow.

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Trend #2: Make A Statement with Cool Colours & Playful Patterns

Incorporating colourful or patterned tiles can give a bathroom character, individuality and a unique sense of style.


You don’t have to go all out, sometimes less is more. The addition of a feature wall of bright bold tiles or a colourful piece of bathroom furniture can make a strong and powerful statement.


The combination of a coloured or patterned tile with a simple neutral large format tile can work wonders in any

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Bathe Away The Blues

Soak away stress in a freestanding tub – with a modern twist!


There’s nothing quite like locking yourself away in where you can relax, unwind and feel the stresses and hassles of the day melting away in the tub.


Our stunning almond shape bathtub design by Victoria + Albert is one of our favourites. Or if you’re feeling really brave, why not go for a funky design like this bespoke purple bathtub by Hurlingham.

Embrace Your Sense of Creativity – but be smart about it!

Everyone has their own individual style & design preference for their bathroom. Here in TileStyle, we want to help you embrace your creative side whilst also giving you guidance on the practicality and suitability of the design.

If you would like a free 1-hour bathroom consultation with of our bathroom specialists pop us an email here and we’ll get in touch!

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