TileStyle’s Natural Stone Showroom 2020

Experience A Natural Stone Showroom Like No Other at TileStyle featuring stunning marble, travertine, limestone and slate tiles along with colourful encaustic tiles and conglomerate marbles.

Stone has a natural luxury all of its own and will add grace and grandeur to your home. One of the most fascinating and most valuable properties of natural stone is its variation.

It can have very subtle tonal variations or highly pronounced veining, crustaceans, crystallisations and fissures. Every single piece is unique and “one of a kind. ” At TileStyle, a large portion of our showroom is dedicated exclusively to this wonderful medium and features exquisite marble, travertine, limestone, slate, quartz and encaustics.

We have thousands of displays in our 52,000 sq ft showroom  and this video is a tiny snapshot of what we have to offer. So, we highly recommend a visit and guarantee that you will leave full of ideas and inspiration for your next design project.

We are conveniently located just off the M50 and are open 7 days a week with ample free parking. Check out some photos of our multi-award winning showroom here.