Tayto Park is a visitor centre and amusement park located in the townland of Kilbrew, in County Meath.

The park has a capacity of approximately 5500 people, and the main building, which is a huge log cabin, has a feature entrance in an octagon shape leading off to a large restaurant and shops. The main building and auxiliary buildings are all wooden constructions, and they even created tree houses with ice-cream parlours/cafes to make the experience more exciting.

Designed by Milo FitzGerald and Andrew Ryan of Milo FitzGerald Interiors, this project is unique in all respects. The entrance feature is created from Sicis Marble mosaic and is 5m in diameter. The design was inspired by traditional Native American headgear, pottery and by beaded decorative breast plates with the feather detail and zigzag patterns. Sicis marble mosaic was chosen because of their meticulous assembly, attention to detail and quality of product. Outside the circular feature are TopCer 10×30 and 10x10cm porcelain tiles, in a pattern coordinate and inspired by the same style and colours. This pattern extends through the doors into the restaurant along a pathway extending to a feature fireplace and includes a specially designed border from TopCer. These unique patterns were designed by Milo FitzGerald and Andrew Ryan and the tiles were chosen because of the quality, sizes and colours. The main floors in the restaurant and shops are a porcelain glazed terracotta style tile in 50x50cm and 16x33cm sizes. They are both durable and easily maintained, which is essential for a busy area.

Project Details

Designers: Milo FitzGerald & Andrew Ryan of Milo FitzGerald Interiors, Thomastown, Kilkenny.
TileStyle Contact: Mary Hennessy
Contractor: Ashbourne Visitors Centre
Tiling Contractor: Ray Cooke Tiling

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