Porcelanosa & TileStyle Bathroom Design Challenge 2018 with Lennon Courtney

The Big Reveal: Find out who wins the ``Porcelanosa & TileStyle Bathroom Design Challenge`` 2018!

Watch Brendan and Sonya's journey to creating their beautiful bathroom designs and see them both on display in TileStyle.

You can also watch them doing a quick video tour of each of their bathroom designs below!

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Fashion designers and TV personalities Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon go head-to-head in the “Porcelanosa & TileStyle Bathroom Design Challenge 2018.”


They have each designed two very different Porcelanosa bathrooms that are both on display in the Porcelanosa Flagship store here at TileStyle. Watch their video tours of their stunning designs in the showroom below!

Brendan's Bathroom

Brendan’s design is a more classic and luxurious setting featuring show-stopping 120 X 250cm porcelain marble-effect slabs, a beautiful KRION® solid surface bathtub and a stunning matt gold KRION® basin.

Sonya's Bathroom

Sonya has designed a quirky and contemporary style bathroom featuring trendy terrazzo-effect floor tiles, Moroccan inspired wall tiles and finished it off with on-trend matt black bathroom fixtures and accessories.

The winner of the “Bathroom Design Challenge” was decided by a public vote and you can watch the LIVE announcement of the winner HERE!

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