High-Tech ``Shower`` Toilets - Just Like in Japan!

AquaClean Toilets – A Cleaner Future for You & Your Family

“It’s time to flush away our woes of this year’s Rugby World Cup and focus on a cleaner, brighter future!”


We may not have been the best in The Rugby World Cup this year but one thing is for sure, the high-tech toilets certainly “rucked” our world from the bottom up! See what we did there…😉🚽

There has been lots of hype about the high-tech shower toilets that are very prevalent in Japan. People have been raving on social media and the radio about the experience of these toilets and now you too can try them out…in TileStyle!


People visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup saw the latest high-tech toilets for the first time. Visitors using these AquaClean shower toilets describe having a different, almost futuristic experience. If you happened to be one of those people, you may have felt a little confused by the Japanese writing on the buttons- but fear not– our toilets have simple icon buttons that are very clear to understand.

See how it works in the video below!

Hygiene for your home‎

Japanese people generally take cleanliness very seriously. The high-tech washlets can be found everywhere in Japan – in public toilets, hotels and inside homes.

70% of toilets sold in Japan are washlets and they are fast becoming a ‘must have’ product for the bathroom in Ireland.

At TileStyle, we are a leading bathroom supplier in Ireland of high-tech shower toilets. We even have two working ones in our customer toilets for you to experience! (See here)  Why not call in & “try before you buy!”

Feel as though you’ve just come out of the shower: clean and fresh at the touch of a button.


Only water cleans you effectively. Looking after personal hygiene means paying particular attention to those intimate areas. You can experience the gentle and natural hygiene with water and a new feeling of being fully clean and fresh at the touch of a button with the AquaClean range of shower toilets from Geberit.

Operating functions are different for each model with rimless ceramic pan, remote control app, orientation light, adjustable shower settings, lady shower, seat heating, warm air dryer, odour extraction, programmable user profiles, descaling function etc.

The Benefits:

  • Get That Clean Fresh Feeling – The wash & dry system will leave you feeling super fresh and hygienically gleaming.


  • Seat heating – A little “hug” for you bum if you please!


  • Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable – Reduce the use of toilet paper. 🧻
  • First-Class Innovation – First-class design, innovative technology and reliable quality.
  • Simple to install

Whether you are looking for a simple model with some basic functions or the most high-tech version with all the functionality, we have a wide range available. Our high-tech AquaClean toilets starts from €900 and we have different levels of features to suit everyone.

Contact our bathroom specialist and AquaClean expert, Tony, to discover more about these innovative toilets that will genuinely change your life for the better – Just ask the Japanese!

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Thank you, or as they would say in Japanese…