VOLA is Scandinavia’s most iconic tap manufacturer, having developed the original modern day tap with Arne Jacobsen back in 1968. At that time, a tap with all the mechanics hidden was a revolutionary concept but Jacobsen’s commitment to beautiful design and innovative functionality resulted in a design classic which is still celebrated today. Often imitated but never matched, VOLA is the Original. This commitment to design remains firmly rooted within the company culture ensuring that every new item that leaves the VOLA factory in Denmark holds part of a long and proven design heritage. Ongoing product development has led to the creation of simple, beautiful, functional taps and mixers, winning VOLA numerous awards. VOLA’S curated product range, available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, epitomizes the enduring power of craft, style, sustainability and honest materials. Based on a modular design system with infinite possibilities, VOLA products are only ever made to order and handcrafted in Denmark. VOLA takes pride in its environmental responsibilities, ensuring that 100% of its waste is recovered and recycled. Your bathroom is a place of retreat and relaxation from the stresses of daily life and VOLA products help create a sophisticated, holistic bathing space. For this reason, VOLA is chosen by top architects and designers for prestigious residential and commercial projects worldwide including the Reichstag Building in Berlin by Foster + Partners.

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