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Small Bathroom Design Tips from Eva Byrne

Big Bathroom Makeover in Tiny Ranelagh Apartment

We were delighted to chat with Architect, House Consultant & Interiorista, Eva Byrne of Houseology, who shared some of her reasons behind the design of this small bathroom. Don't miss out on Eva's Top Tips at the end of this feature!What inspired this project?

"The apartment is a compact, light filled apartment on the second floor of a 1970s apartment block in Ranelagh. Whilst it clearly had great potential, the decor was tired and the storage minimal. We took the original architect for the building, Sam Stephenson, as our inspiration for the work and interiors."

The Project

Small tweaks were made to improve the flow of space and increase the storage capacity. One of these included “borrowing” space from the bathroom to create instead a shower room and separate utility cupboard.

What tiles did you choose and why?

"I chose the same white tile, Brera Bianco from TileStyle, for the hall, shower room and kitchen floors as well as the bathroom walls. It is a 60x30 tile, laid in a “brick” pattern, which allows it to flow seamlessly from one room to the other and around the angled hall. We chose it because as well as being white, and therefore perfect for light reflection, it also has small, darker chips running through it, like a terrazzo tile. This means that it is forgiving of small bits of dirt and dust that accumulate between cleaning. It has a low sheen, good for light reflection but less distracting than a high sheen."

Why did you choose these bathroom fittings?

"The basin and toilet are both wall mounted and again, from TileStyle. This increases the flow of space and allows for easy cleaning of the floor. The space above the concealed toilet cistern is used for adjustable storage hidden behind mirrored doors and runs the full width of the room. The large mirrors make the room feel larger than it is and reflect the quirky and colourful chihuahua print, which hangs on the wall opposite the door. The wash basin has drawers underneath also, adding yet more storage to the tiny space. The shower, with a simple chrome and glass door, fits snugly into the 80x80 recess created by the new utility cupboard."

Maximising Natural Light

Although the bathroom is internal, a simple opal glass door to the hall allows some natural light through without compromising on privacy.

Eva's Top Tips for a Small Bathroom Makeover

1. Get the layout right! Don’t assume the existing layout is the only one. Explore different options with an obliging plumber to find the one that works best for the space.

2. Keep it Simple! Use a modest palette of tiles, mirror and white sanitary ware to maximise space and light.

3. Clear the Floor! Choose wall mounted toilets, wash basins, toilet brushes and even bins for a clean sweep at mopping time.

4. Ban the Clutter! Provide lots of shallow, adjustable storage for lotions, potions and cleaning products. The space above a concealed cistern toilet is perfect for this. Drawers beneath the sink are handy for larger objects. A place to hide the laundry basket would be a bonus.

5. Add Personality! Large, graphic prints lend permanent colour to a small, plain space. Colourful towels can ring the changes on a weekly basis. Plants add life and natural beauty. 

A bit about the designer...Eva Byrne is an Architect, House Consultant and Interiorista. Eva specialises in House Consultations to make the most of Space, Light and Storage in your home. Eva's website is full of tips and information about all aspects of house design. Visit to see more.

Photography Credits: Philip Lauterbach

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